Interview demonstration

You will be taken through an interview process as a candidate and be shown the information available as an interviewer.


In this demo

Timed interview session
  • You will be tested on 2 puzzles
  • The time limit will be 30 minutes
  • You can submit as many solutions as you wish during this interval
  • However to avoid spam you can only submit every 60 seconds
Interview console
Code editor
Live code evaluation
  • All supported languages are accepted
  • You are allowed to verify your code every 5 seconds
  • You are allowed to submit code every 60 seconds
  • Verify compiles the code and only runs the example test
  • Submit registers the solution and scores your code
Report and ranking
  • Normally only visible to interviewer
  • Ranked against our database of submissions
  • Scored according to your code performance
  • No penalty for multiple submissions
  • No penalty for unsuccesful submissions
Report stats